Sunrise Dawn Patrol

Price: $80

May - July: 5:30-8am | August: 6-8:30am | September: 6:30-9am | October: 7-9:30am

Are you the type of person who gets up early and begins each day with the sun? If so, then set your alarm and join us at dawn for this sunrise Asheville standup paddle tour. Mornings are refreshingly cool here at 2,100 feet, and the feeling of paddling through the morning mists is a serene, calming, and peaceful way to get a jump on the day.

Some mornings feature brilliant color whereas others are bathed in fog. Both are unforgettable ways to start the day in Asheville!

4-Mile Private, Guided Tour


*Timing dependent upon month

5:30am: Meet in the River Arts District just north of the Cotton Mill studio. Address: 159 Riverside Drive, Asheville NC 28801

5:45am: Depart River Arts District for Hominy Creek

6:00am: Arrive at Hominy Creek

6:00-6:30am: Standup Paddle Lesson and Instruction

6:30-8am: 4-mile paddle back to River Arts District


What to Bring

Mornings in Asheville can be pretty chilly—even in the middle of summer—so besides a fun and adventurous spirit, paddlers should pack a light jacket or beanie to combat the morning chill (average morning temp. in May and October: 47-54°F; average morning temp in July: 60-63°F). Remember—the chances of falling in are slim, although be sure to wear board shorts or a bathing suit if you'd like to take a dip. Sunglasses can be nice once the sun comes up—although you might want a Croakie or string—and we'd suggest bringing a change of clothes you can grab from your car at the end. 

If you'd like, you can also bring a waterproof camera for capturing the morning scenery, just know that Wai Mauna Asheville SUP Tours isn't liable for items that are lost, damaged, or stolen. Finally, optional items include sunscreen and bug spray (eco-safe is best), and you might also want a towel in your car for drying off once we're done.