Connestee Falls Paddleboard Rentals

Save the hassle of going to the Rental shop Or worrying about returning the boards on time. Our boards are delivered right to your door and Even Include a free lesson!

Connestee Falls SUP rentals.jpg

Planning on visiting Connestee Falls this summer? Our Connestee Falls paddleboard delivery service is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to paddleboard at Connestee Falls. We bring the paddle boards right to your house—so there's no need to go to the rental shop and deal with straps and roof racks—and there's no need to worry about having to return the boards at a certain time. You can wake up early for a sunrise paddle or watch sunset from out on the water!  

Never paddle boarded before? That's ok—we'll even give you a lesson on land completely free of charge.

Pricing for Connestee Falls SUP Rentals

*$150 minimum charge—see below for more info

1-3 days: $50/day

4-6 days: $40/day

7 days: $250

*Price is per board | *10% discount for multiple boards!

(includes board, paddle, PFD, leash, delivery, and short lesson on land)

Just headed to Lake Adger for the day? We also have 24-hour rentals for $40/day, where you pick up a board from our guides in Asheville and transport it with your own car. 

What do you mean by $150 minimum? 

Because we offer a door-to-door service, we currently can't accommodate rentals of $150 or less. To meet the threshold, you could either rent a single board for three days, two boards for two days, three boards for one day, etc. 

Is there a weight limit? 

Yes—270 lbs.

Can I put my dog on the board? 

Can your dog swim? As long as you're cool with it, so are we—just remember to stay beneath the weight limit and try to not ruin the board. 

Do you really bring the boards right to the house and pick them up when we're done? 

Yep, we sure do. Pretty cool huh? 

What other gear is included with the rental?  

All rentals include a board, life jacket, adjustable paddle, leash, and 9" fin. 

When does the rental period start? 

Our rentals operate by calendar date, so if it's dropped off on Friday and picked up on Sunday it's considered a 3-day rental. Luckily our team likes to get up early, so if you want your board there at 7am, we're happy to make it happen. 

What types of boards do you have? 

All of our paddle boards are Imagine Surfers that measure 9'9 x 34." They're a little bit heavy at 47 lbs, but are exceptionally stable so that first time paddlers should be able to balance with ease. They're made rom durable, blow-molded plastic, which means they can bang up against a dock and you don't have to worry about dings. They also have handles for conveniently tying the paddleboard up to the dock, and we also have a 12'6" inflatable board that's subject to availability. For more info on the Imagine Surfer, see the video below: