Fall Foliage French Broad Float

Asheville is one of America's best places to view the changing of the leaves!

This isn't exactly a secret, however, and thousands of people flock to the Parkway to photograph the trees. 

Why not try something different this fall and casually cruise through colorful trees while paddling the French Broad River? By October all of the tubers are gone and we have the river to ourselves, and we're literally surrounded by thousands of leaves ablaze in yellow and orange. 

Want an even better experience?

Combine the paddle through colorful trees with the radiant colors of sunrise! Imagine silently floating down the river and engulfed by clusters of color, while watching the yellow, orange, and red of a morning Appalachian sunrise. 

All of our tours and Asheville SUP rentals still operate through fall, and this year we're open until October 31st for viewing fall foliage in Asheville! 


Frequently Asked Questions About SUP Paddling in Fall:

Q: Isn't it too cold for paddling?

A: Absolutely not! Sure—it's not as warm as summer, but the average October Asheville temperature is a high of 68 and a low of 46. Most days are very pleasant, with temps in the 50s and 60s.

Q: What about the water? Isn't it freezing?

A: The water is definitely cooler than summer, but rarely do paddlers ever fall in since our boards are wide and stable. We provide neoprene rubber booties you can use to cover your feet, and if you do happen to go for a "dip," our guides pack towels and dry jackets in case you need to change. 

Q: Do you still offer sunrise SUP paddles in fall?

A: It's the most beautiful time to be out there! Plus the sunrise tours in fall don't meet until 6:30am, which is an extra hour of sleeping in compared to the middle of summer. 

Q: Do you ever cancel if the weather is too cold?

A: While most of October has mild of weather, we choose to follow the "100 degree rule," which means if the air and water temperature don't add up to 100 degrees, we'll cancel the tour out of general safety and reschedule when it's warmer. 

Q: How often does that happen?

A: In our two years in business it's never happened. 

Still have questions? View our FAQ page—the answer is probably over there.