Aside from introducing people to paddling, Wai Mauna Asheville SUP Tours works to promote a healthy, sustainable environment. We're big on protecting and giving back to the river as well as the city around us, and work to help promote local businesses in every way that we can. We also try to use as many recyclable and sustainably-sourced materials as we can, and even the rubber floor mats in our trailer are made from recycled tires. Our paddle boards are made from 25% post-cosumer recycled plastic, and the board itself is completely recyclable. We're also part of the Asheville Go Local program, and offer a 10% discount to anyone with a current Asheville Go Local card. 

In addition to donating money from every tour directly to the non-profit, RiverLink, the following are a few of the local businesses we've used in setting up our tours, as well as non-profits we've helped with cleanups who are dedicated to protecting our rivers:

Local Businesses

Local Non Profits